Members' services

Services provided to and on behalf of WSN member groups:

  • Information to support your group
    via ebriefings, the WSN Newsletter and Briefing papers.

  • Networking opportunities and events
    WSN hold quarterly membership events. These meetings are designed to provide information sessions on a range of issues (e.g. fundraising), or to celebrate an event (e.g. International Women’s Day), to enable consultation (e.g. CEDAW) as well as providing a valuable opportunity for groups to meet each other and exchange information and experiences.

  • Outreach support
    This is provided on an ongoing basis to WSN member groups and the support can range from working with a number of groups on key issues such as education or childcare through to working with individual groups on topics such as recruitment practices or internal governance structures.

  • Advice and signposting
    WSN continue to develop our advice sources to which WSN members as well as the general public can be signposted.

  • Policy consultations and campaigning
    WSN responds to sectorally-specific consultations on behalf of member groups. Members are encouraged to feed into these consultations and their input is actively sought.

    This enables WSN member groups to make a collective response to key consultations which is important as most member groups do not have the resources to be able to make individual responses. Campaigning and lobbying is also organised centrally through WSN. This can be in response to government policy or an attempt to influence policy in the planning stages.

    Past campaign issues include: childcare, advice, community–based education services and sustainability funding.

  • Promotion of the Community-based Women’s Sector
    WSN will showcase the work of the community based women’s sector. This can be through reports or research which demonstrates the unique attributes of the community based women’s sector.